Sometimes It Takes A Mountain


  The Cross

  1. I Must, Start Now
  2. The Cross
  3. Abundant Life
  4. Sing A Joyful Song
  5. Sometimes It Takes A Mountain
  6. Give Up, Let God
  7. You Cannot Out Give God
  8. Jesus Is The Greatest Name On Earth
  9. It's Just About Time
10. There Is A Reason


60 Year Celebration

Favorite Songs By Former Members Through The Years!


Back In The Day

 1. Back In The Day Click To Hear Sample Clip
  2. Old Time Revival
  3. When He Blessed My Soul Click To Hear Sample Clip
  4. From My Rags To His Riches Click To Hear Sample Clip
  5. In My Robe Of White
  6. Lights Of Home
  7. Canaanland Is Just In Sight
  8. A Beautiful Life
  9. Hide Thou Me
10. Let's Make America Great Once Again
11. Keep On The Firing Line

Let's Make America Great Once Again

  1. Let's Make America Great Once Again
  2. A Happy 
  3. Jesus Is All I Need Click To Hear Sample Clip
  4. Life's Evening Sun
  5. The Love Of Jesus
  6. He's All I Need
  7. When Your Storm Comes By
  8. God Has The Final Say
  9. God's Special Last Grace
10. There Is A Reason

God Is Still Alive

1. God Is Still Alive
  2. You Will Be Alright
  3. We're Gonna Fly Click To Hear Sample Clip
  4. Heaven My Home Click To Hear Sample Clip
  5. Glory Bound
  6. God's Amazing Grace
  7. Comeback
  8. I Know I Can Click To Hear Sample Clip
  9. God's Special Grace
10. Oh What A Day


The Best Is Yet To Come
Release Date - August 8, 2014

  1. Press On
  2. The Best Is Yet To Come
  3. Jesus Is All I Need
  4. It Is A Good Day
  5. Praising The Lord
  6. His Blood
  7. Glory Bound
  8. Bloodline
  9. Sunday Is Now Here
10. Robe Of White
11. His Crimson Flow
12. He Saw Me


Release Date - August 15, 2014



  1. Sunlight Of His Love
  2. Oh What A Day
  3. Love Grew
  4. Don't Give Out
  5. A Beautiful Life
  6. It Won't Be Long
  7. Miracles
  8. Giants
  9. Deep And Wide
10. I've Been To The Cross
11. Not The Same
12. Brand New World




I Love You Lord











 Through The Years


Like Never Before

  1. Holy Ghost Revival
  2. Homecoming Day
  3. You Are Lord Of All
  4. Your Special Day
  5. There Is A Reason
  6. Hope, Peace, And Joy
  7. Through It All
  8. When I Get Carried Away
  9. Classic Medley Songs
10. Like Never Before
11. Dance In The Rain