Calvin McGuyrtCalvin McGuyrt

Calvin McGuyrt

In addition to singing, Calvin is also the Georgians Quartet manager. That responsibility includes both the music arrangements and teaching, as well as the business management, from most of the booking to taking care of the financial affairs. Calvin writes most of the songs for the group, as they have recorded well over 100 of his songs. Calvin follows in the footsteps of his dad, who started the Georgians Quartet, and was a teacher of the shape note singing schools, under the direction of the Stamps Music Company. Calvin and his wife, Lavina, live in their hometown of Valdosta, GA.



Kevin PartenKevin Parten


Kevin Parten

Everything in life, including a quartet needs a firm foundation. That is usually found in the bass part. Kevin provides that foundation for the Georgians Quartet, not only in singing, but is gifted in many areas, such as maintaining and driving the bus, sound technician, and the general multi-purpose person. But, most of all, he is a wonderful Christian and Calvin's right hand man, being loyal and totally committed to him and the ministry. If you like good, solid bass singing, you will enjoy Kevin. He and his wife, Stormy, lives in Waycross, GA.


Evan MinixEvan Minix


 Evan Minix

Evan has what is considered a classic quartet voice. His unique tone quality and range is a definite asset for a group. He originally became a member of the Georgians Quartet in 2005. After several years, he took a sabbatical to take care of personal family business, but is excited to be singing again. We were glad that several people contacted us, including Evan's aunt and uncle, Lisa and David Smith of LifeLine Quartet, to inform us of Evan's interest, and strongly recommended him. We believe you will be as happy as he is, when you hear him singing and ministering again. He is looking forward to renewing old aquaintances and meeting new friends.


Kasey O'SteenKasey O'Steen


Kasey O'Steen

We are delighted to have Kasey as the tenor singer for the Georgians Quartet. He was previously the tenor for several years around ten years ago. More recently he has been the music and youth pastor in a Baptist church. Kasey's father, John O'Steen, was a renown southern gospel singer, and instilled the same qualities on Kasey. He brings a unique and versatile sound to the group, that we feel will be a blessing to you. Kasey, his wife, and children reside in Waycross,  GA.


Jeremy MinixJeremy Minix


Jeremy Minix

We were very glad when Jeremy felt God was calling him back to be a part of the gospel music ministry with the Georgians Quartet. His voice range gives him the ability to sing several vocal parts. He has been a blessing, both to us and the people in our services. Jeremy comes from a long line of preachers and singers, and has the experience and anointing to make him a great addition. He was formerly with the Canaanland Boys and Rushing Wind. He and his family live in Jacksonville, FL.


Brandon HughesBrandon Hughes


Brandon Hughes

It is always thrilling to see a young person ministering for the Lord, especially southern gospel music. We feel we have a jewel in Brandon. At 19 years of age he was voted by the SESGMC, which covers 10 states, as the 'Young Artist of t

he Year'. He is the son of a Baptist pastor and teaches at youth camps during the summer. He has recorded two solo CD's and is available for solo concerts. Brandon does a great job singing several parts for the Georgians Quartet.